HUMA – the Institute for Humanities in Africa – is a new initiative at the University of Cape Town (UCT), intended to create a dynamic interdisciplinary community for scholars and students in the humanities at large.

Fostering top-end academic research, HUMA seeks to drive critical public debate, promoting UCT’s vision of itself as a civic university contributing to the making of democratic citizenship.

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Tombouctou Manuscripts Project

The Tombouctou Manuscripts Project at the University of Cape Town is dedicated to researching various aspects of writing and reading the handwritten works of Timbuktu and beyond. Training young researchers is an integral part of its work.

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Book Lunch : ‘The Art of Life in South Africa’ by Daniel Magaziner

Book Lunch with Daniel Magaziner (Yale University)   Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2017 Title: 'The Art of Life in South Africa' Time:

Daniel Magaziner

Our Research Themes

On Being Human

This theme aims to contribute to resurgent scholarly interest in questions of what we humans share, even if in recognition of profound differences – as the basis for grappling with the contours of ‘a good life’.
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Circuits of Consumption

If the first research theme grapples broadly and variously with our relationships with others, this research theme focuses on our relationship to ‘stuff’ – again, theoretically, empirically and ethically.
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