Continental Connections series

Huma successfully hosted a series of lectures presented by a group of eminent African scholars. We hosted five visiting scholars focusing on themes and issues on the continent.  The scholars – from Senegal, Mali and Kenya each gave a seminar on their research, collaborated with UCT colleagues and students, and continued their own research. These scholars, from a range of humanities and social science disciplines, advanced Huma’s programme and

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“Media turns the ordinary to spectacle” writes Thato Kekana

UCT 2nd year Media student, Thato Kekana, attended Steven Robins' (Stellenbosch University) seminar "slow activism in fast times: Revisiting the politics of the spectacle and the everyday after apartheid" at Huma. Listen to the audio-recording of the seminar here. ‘Media turns ordinary to spectacle’ by Thato Kekana The Institute for the Humanities in Africa (HUMA) held a talk with Prof. Steven Robins of Sociology and Anthropology from the University

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