Where is your pride?

It is not everyday that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people from all over get together to talk about why they appear in the same space every year. And such is the power of the most celebrated march in South Africa, popularly known as the gay pride.  Now called by many names, gay pride, gay march, pride parade or mardi gras, started in the streets of Johannesburg in 1990. Since then Cape Town, East London, Durban and Port Elizabeth have

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Pale Jews Symposium: Southern African Jewish history in the 1880s – 1930s

Image from The Abe Mirvish Collection, courtesy of the Jewish Digital Archive Project.Symposium on Pale Jews: Southern African Jewish history in the 1880s – 1930s Friday 1 and Sunday 3 March 2013Institute for Humanities in Africa (HUMA) seminar room, 4th floor, GSH building, Upper Campus, UCTThis symposium is intended as an opportunity to share recent research on aspects of Southern African Jewish history.    The event is animated by an

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Shamil Jeppie speaks on Timbuktu

The current events in Mali have raised overwhelming attention on Timbuktu. Shamil Jeppie who heads the Tombouctou Manuscript Project at Huma, UCT speaks on the crisis in Mali and what this means for Timbuktu and the Timbuktu manuscripts. Listen here to the BBC interview.

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