Cape Town in the late nineteenth century and the early 20th century

KYC slave trade

HUMA, in partnership with ILRIG, hosted a session in the ‘Know your City’ series. ‘Know Your City’ is an initiative with the aim of deepening popular understandings of the history of the city and the ways that history informs contemporary politics.

We know Cape Town in the late nineteenth century and early 20th century as a port city still under British rule. But we need to know much more about the complexity of this city as it became modern. Who were the people of various ethnic origins living here? What were the major class divisions? How did a working-class come into being in the city? These were some of the questions addressed in this session.

The following speakers were invited:

Professor Vivian Bickford-Smith (Historical Studies, UCT)

Associate Professor Shamil Jeppie (HUMA, UCT)

The event took place on 12 June 2012, 4pm-6pm at the Elijah Loza Hall, Community House, 41 Salt River Road
Salt River

(image taken at the venue)

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