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During 2012, Huma’s research output comprised some 18 journal articles, books, book chapters and edited volumes. This was in addition to the 60+ seminars, lectures, workshops, book lunches and panel discussions we hosted.

Huma will continue with all these in 2013 and we hope to see you at our seminars/symposia/panel discussions/cyberspace this year, and thank you for your support in 2012.

This list comprises Huma’s 2012 research output, in alphabetical order. Feel free to contact the researcher involved for any of these publications*.

  • Distiller, N. 2012. Shakespeare and the Coconuts:On past-apartheid South Africa culture.Wits University Press. 244 pp. ISBN: 978 1 86814 561 4.
  •  Distiller, N. 2012. “Shakespeare’s Perversion: A Reading of Sonnet 20”, Shakespeare, 8 (2) pp 137-153. Click here for article
  •  Distiller, N. 2012. “Producing Shakespeare for Post-Apartheid South African Schools.”  In Andrew van der Vleis (ed)  Print, Text, and book Cultures in South Africa. Wits University Press.
  •  Distiller, N. 2012 . “Begging the Questions: Producing Shakespeare for Post-Apartheid South African Schools.” In Andrew van der Vleis (ed) Print, Text and Book Cultures in South Africa. Wits University Press. 476pp ISBN 978-86814-566-9.
  •  Hardon A & Posel, D. 2012. (eds), Special edition of Culture, Health & Sexuality,  14/Supplement 1.
  •  Hodes, R, M Hoffman, D Coetzee, L London. 2012. “From comprehensive medicine to public health at the University of Cape Town: A 40-year journey”. S.Afr.Med J. 102(6) pp 442-445. Click here for article
  •  Hodes, R. 2012. “Understanding Aids Conspiracies : The Critical Value of Postmodernism.”  Science as Culture, iFirst pp 1-6.
  •  Jeppie, S. 2012. “Educating Sudanese ulama for colonial sharia”. In Marcel Maussen, Veit Bader & Annelies Moors (eds) Colonial and Post-Colonial Governance of Islam. Amsterdam University Press. 249pp  ISBN 978-90-8964-356-8.
  •  Matebeni, Z. 2012 Black lesbian sexualities and identity in South Africa: an ethnography of black lesbian urban life. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. 180pp. ISBN 978-3-659-20294-0
  •  Matebeni, Z. 2012. “Queer(ing) porn: a conversation”. Agenda 26(3) pp61-69. Click here for article
  •  Matebeni, Z. 2012. “Feminizing Lesbians, Degendering Transgender Men: A Model for Building Lesbian Feminist Thinkers and Leaders in Africa?”In Shaka McGlotten and Dana-Ain Davis (eds) Black Genders and Sexualities. Palgrave MacMillan,282pp ISBN10: 1-4039-7775-5.
  •  Posel, D. 2012 . “Screaming image : Klas Thibeletsa’s ‘Child Abuse’ and the Post-Apartheid  Confessional.” In Fiona Rankin-Smith (ed) Figuring Faith. Fourthwall Books, Johanneburg 287pp ISBN 978-0-986-98506-5.
  •  Posel, D. & Hardon, A. 2012. “Secrecy as embodied practice: beyond the confessional imperative”.  Culture, Health & Sexuality J.  14/Supplement 1, pp1-13.
  •  Steinberg, J. 2012.  “Policing, Freedom and Xenophobia in South Africa”. Br.J. Criminology, 52, pp 345-360. Click here for article
  •  Van Wyk, I. 2012. A Church of strangers: The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) Cambridge University Press.
  •  Van Wyk, I. 2012. “‘Tata ma Chance’ : On  Contingency and the Lottery in Post-Apartheid South Africa”. Africa 82 (1), pp 41-68. Click here for article
  •  Van Wyk, I. 2012. The Contrary Case of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Durban, South Africa. In  Harri Englund (ed) Christianity and Public Culture in Africa. Ohio University Press , Athens, Ohio. ISBN 978-0-8214-1945-8.
  •  Van Wyk, I. 2012. “Their message is not new, they are just stronger”: On the phenomenal success of a Brazilian Pentecostal Charismatic Church in South Africa. In Martin Lindhardt (ed) African Pentecostalism/Christianity. Brill’s Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies Series.  In press.

*Some of the publications herein are not available as links due to various copyright laws. If you wish to access works (specifically those publications which are chapters in books) which you cannot find here,  contact the researcher involved.

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