Past HUMA Events 2010/11

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Huma has been busy. Since 2010 we have had a series of events both at UCT and in other parts of Cape Town.

Seminar Series

  • For a list of our first semester (Feb – June) 2012 “Seminar Series” click here
  • For a list of our (Jan – December) 2011 “Seminar Series” click here

Book Lunches

  • For previous book lunches since 2011 click here

Seminars and Symposia

  • For previous “Seminars and Symposia” since 2010 click here
  • Ethical Quandaries in Social Research: Conversations from the Field, 2011 – click here

Know Your City

  • For “Know Your City” 2011 and 2012 events click here

Cape Town Commons

  • For previous events under “Cape Town Commons” since 2010 click here

Public Lectures and Discussions

  • For “Public Lectures and Discussions” since 2010 click here

 Tombouctou Manuscripts Project

  • For the 2011 “Calligraphic Africa Seminar Series” under the Tombouctou project click here
  • For the 2011 “Tombouctou Manuscripts Project” click here