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‘Gender Refugees’ and the South African Asylum Regime – ‘There is no Queue for Gender Change’

Seminar with B Camminga (Huma)   Date: Thursday, 25 August 2016 Title: ‘Gender Refugees’ and the South African Asylum Regime - ‘There is no Queue for Gender Change’ Time: 13h00   Abstract South Africa is unique on the African continent in relation to refugee regimes in that it is the only country that recognises and constitutionally protects transgender refugees/asylum seekers. In light of this, in recent years, it has seen a marked

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“Institutions in motion: revisiting ‘development’ in postcolonial Africa”

 presented by Sara Berry (Johns Hopkins University) Time: 13h00-14h30 Venue: HUMA Seminar Room, 4th Floor, The Neville Alexander Building,   The seminar has been facilitated by the Land and Accountability Research Centre (LARC)(formerly RWAR, Centre for Law and Society), Faculty of Law, UCT. Prof Berry’s visit was arranged by LARC with the assistance of the UCT Visiting Scholars’ Fund.   Abstract To understand the roles institutions

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“Queer in Africa? The Cape Town Question” Programme

The “Queer in Africa? The Cape Town Question” symposium will take place from Thursday 6th October till Saturday 8th October 2016 at the District Six Museum queer-in-africa-programme Queer in Africa? The Cape Town Question Programme 06-08 October 2016 Thursday 06 October 2016 Evening | District 6 Museum @ 18:00 Friday 07 October 2016 Daytime| District 6 Homecoming Centre @ 09:00 Evening | Zer021 Lounge, 46 Canterbury Street @ 19:00 Saturday 08

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Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy: World Scripts

ZUKUNFTSPHILOLOGIE WINTER ACADEMY World Scripts: Concepts and Practices of Writing from a Comparative Perspective 4 - 14 September 2015, University of Cape Town The Winter Academy is conceptualized and steered by members of the Zukunftsphilologie Collegium. It builds on two previous Zukunftsphilologie Winter Schools: Textual Practices Beyond Europe, 1500-1900 (Cairo, 2010), and Philologies Across the Asias: The Translation, Transmission and Transformation

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“African history should be a core part of curriculum” argues Shamil Jeppie
Shamil Jeppie

A new initiative by Huma and Historical Studies Department (UCT), Know Your Continent, poses critical questions about the role of African history in knowledge production and curriculum reform. Read more on this story below

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African History Now! Know Your Continent. Ulwazi Ngemvelaphi Yethu

This is a new initiative run by the Institute of humanities in Africa (Huma) and the Department of Historical Studies at UCT.   We shall focus on the deeper history of our continent in this programme. The history of a single country – “national history” – is a very recent phenomenon. The approach of this programme of African history is to explore the entirety of the continent. At times certain regions might be the focus e.g. the Nile

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“Know Your Continent” series session 2 “Nile Valley Civilisations”
Know Your Continent Poster 24 July 2015

African History Now! Ulwazi Ngemvelaphi Yethu. In eight sessions of Know Your Continent , a new African History workshop series hosted by Huma and the Department of Historical Studies, we will explore some of the major themes and debates that animate African history: From the origins of humankind and movements out of Africa, to Nile Valley civilisations, ancient global trade networks and comparatively recent anti-colonial struggles. LAUNCH/Introductory

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